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Predict Coral Bleaching Events

Importance of coral reefs

  • Biodiversity: Coral reefs support 25% of marine life, making them one of the planet’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

  • Economic Value: They contribute immensely to global economies, and their loss could result in a $2.7 trillion annual hit.

  • Carbon Storage: Reefs sequester 68.14 to 88.14 megatons of carbon annually, possessing a carbon storage capability 10 times greater than inland forests.

The problem

Despite their critical importance:

  • We’ve lost half of our reefs since 1950 and project a 90% loss by 2050.
  • Insufficient Funding: Over the last decade, only $258M was allocated to coral restoration in 56 countries, a sum less than a single commercial airliner’s cost.
  • Restoration Potential: The Ocean Agency has spotlighted 50 reefs with the potential to rejuvenate other regions if properly restored.

What we provide

  • Data Fusion: Seamlessly integrate various data types, from eDNA to remote sensing, facilitating a holistic view of marine ecosystems.

  • Predictive Analysis: By harnessing historical coral health data, we aim to develop machine learning models that predict coral bleaching events.

We’re happy to collaborate with anyone working on that problem and help training models or be a machine learning infrastructure for that.